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ased NGO founded▓ by parents of
children with intelle

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tAll work and no playAll work and no playAll work and no play04▓-19-2018 12:18 BJTChina's parents are questioning whether th▓e government's

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  • supported▓ employment in Chi

    recent move to lessen the schoolwork burden on primary and secondary school students can achieve the intended result.Since the order was i

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    ssued in late February, parents in big cities have been discussing heatedly whether to let their children have a more relaxed and happy l▓ifestyle, as the education

  • give these vulnerable

    authorities suggested, or to co▓ntinue to send them to extra classes in their▓ spare time to learn subjects such as mathematics, English and Chinese.Since the end o

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    f February, the Chinese government's decades-old educational reforms have re-entered mainstream public debate. Known as "academic burden reduct▓ion", the policies ai

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    r and reducing the importance of scores, they must step▓ into the vacuum themselves to provide their children with more extracurricular lea

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    rning t▓o help them stand out from their peers▓ and eventually gain admission to a good university.Many ▓have written

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    open letters to the Ministry of Education on social media platforms arguing against reducing the schoolwork burden on thei▓r children.Expe

  • Pixel Buddha

    rts said the government's education reforms can better regulate the after-school tutoring market, but only a complete overhaul of China's

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    exam-oriented education system can reduce the excessive burden on pupils.Xie Wenfeng, the mother of a primary ▓school p

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    upil in Shanghai, said, "Alt▓hough I really want my son to have more time to pl▓ay, I have to remind myself to be rational

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▓."To qualify for admission into a key middle school, my son has to study hard now. Only by entering a key middle school can he study at a ▓key high school and later at a good university▓. There's no other option."With public schools▓ reducing school hours a

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jury found Ortega's defense that▓ she was too insane to re

nd making tests easier, parents in Shanghai are choosing▓ to send their children to much more expensive private▓ schools, she said.Xie said there is a popula▓r saying in Shanghai that "if students do not go to priv▓ate middle an

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d high schools, they will end up in a priv▓ate college".Almost all good universit

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ies in China are public ones.Her son attends five after-school tutoring classes, one ▓each in painting, English and piano and two in mathematics, and

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the family spends around 100,000 ▓yuan ($15,900) a year on such classe

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s."When it comes to education, every family is a 'rich


' family," she said.Xie Meng, the mother ▓of a fourth-grade pupil in Beijing, shares▓ the same doubts about reducing academic workload.When the

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school day ends so early, at 3:30 pm, working parents have no

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